Ian Simons

Riverside County Official Form Assistant

 License No. 489

951 525 1340

4193 Flat Rock, Riverside, CA, 92505 

Building 200.

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Attn. Doc Drop After Hours: 4100 Latham Street, STE C, Riverside,92501

Pro Per Services Offered:

. Adoption

. Affidavit of Change of Trustee

. Affidavit of Death of Trustee

. Annulments

. Articles of Incorporation

. Articles of Organization

. Assignment of Personal Property

. Bankruptcy

. Business License

 . Bypass Trust

. Case Analysis

.  Certificate of Amendment

. Certificate of Cancelation

. Certificate of Dissolution

. Certification of Trust

. Child Support Calculation

. Child Support

. Child Custody

. Civil Lawsuit(s)

. Collection

. Corporations, DBA, LLCs

. Deeds

. Designation by Foreign Corporation 

. Divorce Matters

. Emancipation of Minor

. Employer Identification Number

. Estate Planning

. Evictions


. Fictitious Business Name

. Guardianships

. Health Care Directives 

. Marital Settlement Agreements

. Mediation

. Modification of Child Support

. Name changes

. Nonprofit startup 

. Notary

. Orders to show cause

. Paternity

. Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements

. Probate

. Powers of Attorney

. Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO)

. Quit Claim Deeds

. Resumes

. Revocable Trusts

.  S Corp 

. Small Claims


. Settlement Agreements

. Spousal support

. Statement of Information

. Stipulations

. Temporary Guardianship

. Travel consent for minor

. Trust Administration

. Typing Documents

. Unlawful detainer / eviction

. Visitation

. Wage garnishments

. Wills

and MANY others!

What is an Legal Document Assistant?

In California a Legal Document Assistant is an independent paralegal licensed and qualified by the state. The primary aspect of a Legal Document Assistant is to expand the affordability of judicial access. We have been conditioned to believe we need to hire an attorney to handle all legal matters. However, besides criminal cases where one's freedom is at jeopardy, California has encouraged self representation in many forms through the California Judicial Branch. As such, Legal Document Assistants are permitted to perform many of the same functions of attorneys in the absence of providing legal advice. When planning to use a Legal Document assistant, it's beneficial to know what you need before you enlist one. Just in case you're unsure, here is a comprehensive list of some of the most common requests.

Divorce petitions and responses, Unlawful Detainers, Parental Establishment Petitions, Ex Parte OrdersChild Custody and Support Petitions, Request for Orders, Probate petitions, Restraining Orders,  Deed Transfers,  Affidavits,  Last Will & Testaments, Trusts,  Power of AttorneyLien Waivers,  Small Claims, and other Court Packet Forms, Lawsuit Complaints, Motions,  Discovery Documents, Fee Waiver, Motion to Strike, Demurrer, Law Suit Answers/ Response, Special  Interrogatories, Request for admissions, Form Interrogatories, Motion for Extension of time, Motion to Quash, Motion to Compel, Renew Judgment CA Sister State Judgement 

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Rooted in efficiency for both approach and setup,  since 2010 Thunder Stone Inc has maintained a solid reputation for providing reliable service at modest rates.  By treating every job with the same amount of earnestness, we strive at bringing a professional and friendly demeanor to each case, regardless of size, document(s) or environment.

If you have already filed and are still concerned about your court date, just let us know and we'll do our best to guide you.  We strive to  help all our clients through the complexities of  their unique  judicial process.   

  “Legal document assistant” means:

(1) Any person who is not exempted under Section 6401 and who provides, or assists in providing, or offers to provide, or offers to assist in providing, for compensation, any self-help service to a member of the public who is representing themselves in a legal matter, or who holds themselves out as someone who offers that service or has that authority. This paragraph does not apply to any individual whose assistance consists merely of secretarial or receptionist services.

Educational/Experience of Legal Document Assistants:

 Under this chapter a legal document assistant shall possess at least one of the following:

Our number one objective is to make sure you understand each stage of the process. Court cases can be stressful, and we try to get in and out  with as little disturbance as possible. Forms of payment include credit or debit card,  cash or check.  Same day service is generally available, but not always guaranteed.

Elizabeth Huse,  Office Manager

Ian Simons, Legal Document Assistant/UDA

Jason Anderson, Notary Public.

Vince Daniels, Process Server.

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